DALLAS -- A power struggle in Lake Highlands is pitting homeowners against the city in a dispute over who is responsible for a damaged electric box.

Jim and Sherry Mincey said that the meter box in the alley behind their house was damaged last December by a City of Dallas garbage truck.

"You could tell a truck just knocked it right off," said Sherry Mincey.

The damage fried the line and the box, knocking out power to their property. They called Oncor, who eventually determined it was the Minceys' responsibility to fix it with a private electrician. It took five days and more than $4,000, which the Minceys believe the City of Dallas should pay.

"It's not so much the money. They tore the property up, and they're not taking responsibility," said Mincey.

They filed a claim, and then they said they heard excuses. The Minceys said the city claimed their garbage truck was somewhere else when the accident happened and the power went off.

"They said they weren't here, the GPS showed them to be somewhere else," said Jim Mincey.

Undeterred, Sherry, a one-time legal secretary started knocking on doors up and down her street. Eventually, she said she found a video on a neighbor's security system showing a garbage truck in the alley with a timestamp a few minutes before the power went out.

The case is still unresolved, so the Minceys came to WFAA out of frustration.

Oncor confirmed that their job ends at the meter. The meter box itself belongs to the homeowner.

The City of Dallas released a statement, saying, "The owner filed a notice of claim with the City of Dallas. The claim was denied. However, in the spirit of service first, we would be more than happy to provide a second review of the claim."

The Minceys said they feel lucky that they were able to handle the unexpected expense, but they wonder what someone else might have done if their property suffered damage. They want a payment and acknowledgment in an electric fight that's not over.

"Not everyone can just jump out of pocket and come out and fix this kind of problem, that the sanitation truck just wrecked," said Jim Mincey.

"Standup and take responsibility for what you did," said Sherry Mincey.