DALLAS -- When 19-year-old Cassandra Subi was shot outside of a northeast Dallas restaurant her friends though she would make it.

“I felt that in my heart she was going to pull through,” said DeAsia Lewis.

Lewis and Ladrea Lyons graduated with Subi from Skyline High school in Dallas in 2014. Their friend was shot in the morning on July 25. It happened outside of a private venue off Skillman Street. Dallas police say she was struck when several suspects fired at each other from two different cars.

Subi was caught in crossfire. The bullet wasn’t meant for her.

“We know that bullets don’t have a name," Lyons said. "But then at the same time, why here? She was at the right place, right time ... It was too soon, too soon.”

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At 19, Subi had already earned her associate's degree and she hoped to one day become a nurse.

Police are still looking for the shooter. Meanwhile, a community is mourning the loss of a young woman just starting her life outside of high school.

Students took to Twitter with the hashtag #PrayforSubi, a showing of support online and in person.

“It’s heartbreaking," Lyons said. "I think about her every day. Every time I make a status, I’m like, ‘I miss you.' I really miss her."

Adding to their pain, police have yet to make an arrest.

“Her parents are grieving and they need justice for her death,” Lyons said.

The Dallas Police Department is asking anyone with information about this case to call: 214-671-3661.