In times of crisis, many people head to the Cathedral of Guadalupe in Downtown Dallas for comfort and peace.

Martha Marquez has family in Mexico City where a devastating earthquake hit Tuesday. “I am praying for everybody. For my family for everybody. I just have no words. Very sad,” said Marquez as she fought back tears.

She was 11 years old when a massive earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985. She was in school at the time.

Now her heart breaks for the children trapped under the rubble of their school as rescue works try desperately to save them.

"I was very sad because they are just children, and I was happy some are safe and others weren't that lucky. It brought back memories of 1985,” said Marquez.

Herardo Ojeda also lived through that earthquake. “I was afraid. A lot of people died,” said Ojeda.

Now decades later and thousands of miles away, he watches in sadness at the devastation of Tuesday's earthquake. "I thought about the last time. I started to cry,” said Ojeda.

Both Herado and Martha say their loved ones are alive but say the earthquake has devastated the city they love and grew up in. They say they can't make it back home, so all they know to do to help is pray.