DALLAS -- It hasn't been an easy week for Dallas' LGBT community, especially in the Oak Lawn area.

Flowers adorn the Legacy of Love monument on Cedar Springs Boulevard in memory of those that lost their lives in the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

"You wanna say good things, 'We're moving ahead,' or 'good things are going to come out of tragedies,"' says resident Charles Alexander. "But we don't know if that is true."

A rash of attacks in the area since last fall, around 20 of them, already had the neighborhood on edge. The deaths of 49 victims in Orlando only amplifies some of those fears.

"It's really tough. You want to feel safe but sometimes you can't," says Aaron Houst, who hangs out in the area.

Earlier in the week, Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban donated $1 million dollars to the police department to help supplement overtime pay. A lot of those patrols are expected to appear in the Oak Lawn area.

Despite lingering fear, Alexander said the week also represents a unique moment in the country's history where the majority of people seem to be coming together to support the gay community.

"It's not right or a far left. It's not about that anymore," he said.

Patrols are expected to remain more visible in the area in the coming weeks. Some clubs and bars are also reportedly enhancing security.