DALLAS -- It is called the Bishop Arts District for a reason.

Every few blocks, you can peek down an alleyway and catch public art fully embraced as part of the neighborhood.

Artist Joey Apolinar created one of its newest works.

"Having the privilege of putting something that is yours on a wall here... it’s a big deal!" he said.

His mural is on the back of the store GypsyHouse at Taylor and 7th Street, commissioned by business owner Chasta Norwood.

Artist Joey Apolinar in front of the now-vandalized mural.
Artist Joey Apolinar in front of the now-vandalized mural.

"I think they bring a magical element to this area," she said.

Apolinar painted what the store owner loved: A Dallas skyline, an antique chandileer, and even Norwood herself, sporting her favorite sunglasses.

But early Sunday morning, their vision was ruined by someone wielding three cans of red, white, and blue paint.

"I mean, I was just heartbroken," Norwood said.

Chasta Norwood at GypsyHouse.
Chasta Norwood at GypsyHouse.

"It’s like somebody breaking into your car or stealing your stuff," said Apolinar. "It hurts."

They were left with no leads, a huge mess -- and no doubt as to what to do next.

"All I can do is be artistic back," Apolinar said. "So I’m probably going to add to their art by adding more art on top of it!"

It feels like the right solution for Norwood’s business.

"I thought it was perfect," she said. "If they want to do this, fine. We’ll just work with it!"

That response fits the neighborhood, as well; one known for embracing art wherever it’s found.