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North Texas hammered by rain, just days after tornadoes hit the area

Through it all, the community is still rallying together.

DALLAS — It has been a very challenging week for hundreds of families across North Texas after Sunday’s tornadoes. On Thursday, things did not get easier as rain pummeled some of the hardest hit areas.

“I don’t need anymore. Mother Nature needs to take a break,” Charles Jenkins said.

Jenkins is an Irving native and has lived in North Texas his whole life.

“Most of the tornadoes, they go around me, they miss me. This is actually the first one that I’ve had to go through with it,” Jenkins said. “What’s funny is I could hear that tornado coming, there was just nothing I could do about it.”

Jenkins now has a large hole in his ceiling. Contractors spent Wednesday putting tarps on his roof trying to prevent Thursday’s rain from getting inside.

“But once I sat down here I noticed OK, there’s a hole in the tarp,” Jenkins said.

Credit: WFAA
Damage from Sunday's tornadoes

It has been a week where so many cannot catch a break.

But through it all, the community is still rallying together. 

On Thursday, a Mexican soccer fan club came together to provide free food for some of the affected families.

“We are here to help the people,” Ricardo Aguirre said. “Right now, sometimes they lose a job, they don’t have cars to go to work, so we are coming to supply free food."

It is much appreciated by people like Charles Jenkins, who is still dealing with the painful memories of Sunday’s storm.

“I turned off the TV I went to bed. Next thing I know I hear a loud crash and it was the ceiling that came crashing down,” Jenkins said. “And as you can see it left one heck of a mess.”

So now he sits in darkness, not leaving his home, waiting for normalcy and better days ahead.

“It is what it it is, I’m not the only one going through this,” Jenkins said. “You can just look around the neighborhood or anywhere else you go around here.”

“I’ll just sit here and think and entertain myself as best I can. Haha.”

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