DALLAS -- The headliner Tuesday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas was nostalgia.

A mostly grown-up group filled in to see "The Total Package Tour," featuring New Kids On The Block, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men.

Judging by the themed t-shirts, NKOTB was the crowd favorite.

"[They were] my very first concert, not to date myself, but way back in 1989!" said Katie Crist.

Still, you're never too old to forget what seeing your favorite artist feels like.

"It was the most magical thing," said Crist.

Twenty years ago, these same people were kids screaming in the concert crowd, singing along to every song.

They were around the same age as the kids screaming in their seats Monday night in Manchester.

There's no doubt Ariana Grande was someone else's first concert.

"You know there's kids there, because she appeals to that demographic," said Crist.

The people WFAA talked to at the American Airlines Center weren't concerned for personal safety. Rather, it was what those concert goers in Manchester lost the second they heard the blast -- some, their lives.

For others, it was their innocence.

"We're all mothers, and so the first thing we think about is our children, and what the world looks like for our kids," said Kerri Kobakof.

There's no good answer to that question, which is part of the reason nights like Tuesday are so sweet. The music of your youth can take you back to when the worries of the world weren't your own.