From a traumatic beginning in life, to a safe abd loving hom...Tonight, we have an update on two adorable identical twins we featured in our Wednesday's Child report last November.

They were adopted Monday morning. As their caseworker told us, these children couldn't have found a better home.

Love and joy inside the Johnson County Courthouse this morning.

"They are ours, like we gave birth to them and brought them home from the hospital," said adoptive mom Wren.

3-year-old identical twins Matthew and Mason now have a mom, dad and four older siblings after spending their entire lives in foster care.

"We're super happy to have them and we're just blessed to add them to this large family we have and all these kids love them and are super excited for them," said adoptive dad Mike.

Both boys were victims of shaken baby syndrome that left Matthew with a traumatic brain injury. Yet, they were adopted together despite their special needs. It is something Child Protective Services says is rare.

"I burst into tears. I should have waited till my husband was home because it was ugly crying hysterical because this was it," she said. "I just knew after seeing them that these were our boys," said Wren about the first time she saw the boys on our Wednesday's Child report.

She and Mike both say they knew the twins were supposed to be their children.

"We had no idea what they were going to be like, how active they were gonna be and we got to see that come through in that segment and knew as soon as we saw them that these were the boys for us and we loved them and hadn't even met them yet!" said dad.

The twins have pushed each other forward in the last 6 months. Matthew is showing tremendous progress, something that makes one special woman smile.

Boni fostered the twins from the very beginning and cared for them through some of the most vulnerable days of their lives. Through tears, she had a message for them.

"Just that we loved them and they were a big part of our lives for 26 months. I will never forget them," she said.

"Even though she's not their foster mom anymore she is always in our life and will forever be our family," said mom.

From abused and neglected to loved and adored-- Matthew and Mason are finally home.