The wives of Former NFL Players say they want to work with law enforcement to bring about solutions that will improve relationships.

On Wednesday they talked with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson and Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall.

“We wanted to come together and find out what they are doing to combat these issues as well as what we can do to offer support in a positive manner,” said Tamisha Moats wife of former player Ryan Moats.

The wives say they want to move past protests to real solutions.

“We don’t have to agree, but we should come to a place where we can find the common ground as just citizens of this country,” said Yolanda Banks.

They say they are encouraged by what they heard. District Attorney Johnson is working hard to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community. That was the focus of her first Blue on the Block Community Forum and she says she is starting a community advisory board.

“I think the nation will look at us and say it can be done and say, 'Oh wow, that’s how you do it. Because, I am committed so committed in us coming together in unity,” said District Attorney Johnson.

The NFL wives hope that what is accomplished here will help future generations.

“You want them to feel safe, and I want them to know that police and law enforcement are here to protect them and not hurt them,” said Sherice Brown the wife of Hall of Famer Tim Brown.

The NFL wives plan to hold meetings like this in all 32 cities where there are teams.

“I think what people need to understand is that this isn’t drawing the line. It’s acknowledgment and that’s the beginning of the conversation to working together.”

They hope it will bring about healing and solutions.