DALLAS – A street repaving project in Oak Cliff has some neighbors upset and complaining. Residents along the 7000 block of Brierfield Drive say the access to their homes is blocked and claim they cannot get any solid answers about a timeline from contractors nor the City of Dallas.

"This is unsafe,” said Stephanie Glasper as she helped a neighbor cross a hazardous section of the street to her home.

Neighbors say the rough, bumpy, and busted conditions on Brierfield Drive have been a source of chaos.

"I am over frustrated,” Audrey Brown argued. “I am so pissed off and mad.”

Neighbors say homes and access to driveways on the even side of the street have been blocked off for nearly three weeks.

Joseph Brown said, "I can’t get out of my driveway, period!”

Half the street is ripped. Mounds of asphalt and concrete are piled on the yards and driveways outside homes. Neighbors say the situation is a nuisance.

“It’s a mess,” said Bernice Rogers.

Contractors have been working to repave the road, for months. Neighbors say they haven’t had convenient access to their homes nor driveways for about three weeks.

"They were supposed to already started pouring the concrete, but they haven’t done anything,” said Audrey Brown.

Residents on the street say they were also concerned proper notice wasn’t given to neighbors about the timeline on the project.

Dale Long, a spokesman from Dallas Public Works says the City apologizes for the inconvenience neighbors are experiences, and adds some level of inconvenience is to be expected during a street repaving project. Long says it appears contractors are preparing to pour concrete soon.

The area has to cure for seven to eight days. Long says neighbors are supposed to be notified, in advance, by formal letter or door hanger. He is checking to see how the neighbors on Brierfield were alerted.

Families say they have not seen contractors in the area for at least three days. Some residents are walking carefully to their homes. Some describe crossing the rebar like a game of hopscotch or an obstacle course.

Neighbors say they just appreciate the street repairs. They just want the road repaved with notice of a realistic timeline.