FARMERS BRANCH -– Live in a home long enough, and you know every detail.

But for Irma Rodriguez, in her home, she says she simply can't keep up.

"Every day, there is more and more and more damage," Rodriguez said.

The cracks in the bedroom of her Farmers Branch home are getting longer and separating further.

"It's a lot of work and a lot of money," Irma said.

She said workers fixed the cracks in her two bathrooms, which began appearing about three or four years ago. The repairs cost thousands of dollars.

At another nearby home, it's very clear that the walls are slowly tearing away.

Neighbors say it happened after construction began to expand LBJ Freeway. That's why they were protesting on the overpass Friday, the day after a mass action suit was filed against general and subcontractors on the LBJ Express Project.

Groups mentioned in the suit are: Trinity Infrastructure LLC, Ferrovial Holding US Corp, Mario Sinacola & Sons, Renaissance Contractors, Indus Construction, Austin Bridge & Road, BlueBonnet Contractors, Webber LLC, and Texas Shafts.

Residents say the constant drilling and earth-moving have taken a toll on surrounding neighborhoods.

"We're asking them to do the right thing and fix their homes," said attorney Dean Gresham.

A rep with LBJ Infrastructure Group said they can't comment on pending litigation.

David Villasenor has a long list of work needed in his tilted home. He demonstrated by rolling a ball through his living room.

"Just laying it down on the floor flat, and it's gonna slide by itself," he said as the ball slid past our cameras and under the couch.

Gresham's legal group is representing 107 families. They say property damage alone is near $10 million.

News 8 asked these homeowners how they can separate what road construction may have caused from the foundation issues that plague homes across North Texas.

"I never noticed any of these things before," Villasenor said. "It kinda adds up, one thing with another."

Villasenor, along with many other neighbors along LBJ Freeway, have stopped patching and stopped trying to fix what they say is only getting worse.

The LBJ project is scheduled to be complete by December of 2015.