The entire shooting took 27 seconds.

"By the time I got from this room where we are and through the kitchen and the garage which is right there, he was already shot,” said Joyce Jackson.

Jackson recounts the day 4 years ago when former Dallas Officer Cardan Spencer shot her son, Bobby Bennett.

At the time the officers claimed Bennett was lunging at them with a knife and feared for their lives.

But the video which WFAA first obtained showed Bennett never moved.

"Cardan Spencer should be in prison for what he did. He needs some jail time,” said Jackson.

"Jackson says she called police that day to because her son was having a mental breakdown. She feared he would hurt himself but the call forever changed their lives.

The video tape sparked outrage.

Spencer was fired by DPD, then charged with aggravated assault.

But, recently a special prosecutor in the case and Spencer reached a plea agreement.

The charge was reduced to an attempted deadly conduct. Spencer was given 2 years probation.

“It's disgusting to me,” said Jackson.

In his confession to the court, Spencer wrote, "I did knowingly attempt to discharge a firearm at or in the direction of an individual."

Bennett's initial lawyer, George Milner is shocked by the plea agreement.

"There are isolated incidents where officers are clearly in the wrong and this was one of those incidents where he was clearly in the wrong,” said Milner.

We asked the special prosecutor in this case, Anthony Eiland why he agreed to this deal.

He said, "The reason is we had issues with the case. Mr. Bennett is currently serving time in TDC and he indicated he was not interested in testifying."

"He's free now just like he's been since he shot my son. He's free to walk the streets,” said Jackson.

The City of Dallas paid Bobby Bennett 1.6 million dollars in a civil case but Cardan Spencer will not spend a day in jail and was not fined a dime.

He will have to surrender his license and never allowed to be a police officer again.