Fred and Nikita Moore say what happened to their child at a Mesquite Independent School District last week was inappropriate and humiliating.

"I feel no 13-year-old should have to go through what my daughter went through," Nikita said.

The Moores say their daughter, a diligent eighth-grade student and athlete at A.C. New Middle School, was told by her teacher to ask another teacher who'd entered their classroom for a Scantron test.

So she did. And in front of the whole class, the teacher did this, Fred said:

"He responded with, 'Get on your knees and beg,' and she said 'no.'"

She told her parents the teacher repeated it a total of five times. And eventually, with her own teacher egging it on, she complied.

"In the process of her even kneeling, she said one of the boys in the class yelled out, 'Oooh, she's getting on her knees,'" Nikita said.

Embarrassed by the whole thing, the daughter told her parents the next day and they went to administration.

"I think that's our big question -- What were they thinking? What was going on with these two teachers?" Nikita said.

Mesquite ISD says an investigation is underway. They're not identifying the teachers but say they're both on administrative leave and not in the classroom.

"We can't disclose specifics of further consequences because it's an employee matter," a spokeswoman wrote to News 8. "The behavior is completely unacceptable and we're taking it very seriously."

"Not enough," the parents say. "It's not enough."

The Moores want more than administrative leave.

"I feel they should not be able to teach any other students," Nikita said, calling for accountability for the teachers' alleged conduct.