Friendship West Baptist Church prayed for healing Sunday morning for a man who was unable to join them.

Lyndo Jones was rushed back to the hospital early Saturday morning due to possible pneumonia and infection in his wounds after a Mesquite police officer shot him in the back and stomach earlier this month while police were responding to a call about a possible car burglary.

It turns out, the 31-year-old was trying to get into his own truck, and the car alarm was malfunctioning. Police say there was a struggle. Jones attorneys say their client complied with police demands. Charges against Jones for evading arrest were later dropped.

"If it is illegal to shoot an unarmed black man with his hands up, than an indictment should have been issued over two weeks ago," said Jones attorney Lee Merritt.

Officer Derick Wiley, a 10-year veteran of the force, is set to go before a grand jury this week, who will decide whether Wiley should face prosecution in the shooting, said Jones' attorneys.

But Jones' attorneys are calling on Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson to file charges against Wiley first.

"Her failure to file charges extremely taints the judicial process because it's a signal to grand jury that this is not a case they should indict," said Lee Merritt, Jones attorney.

Jones' attorneys pointed to an online petition calling for Wiley's arrest. They are hoping to gather 7,500 signatures, which they say is roughly equal to the number of votes needed to elect a district attorney.

Jones' attorneys say Johnson allowed them to see the body and dash cam footage from the shooting, and they implore her to release them to the public.