There is some interesting energy in the air across Dallas-Fort Worth. As holiday shoppers hit the streets, many local vendors are preparing for Small Business Saturday.

"We’re a small business,” said Kristie Holt, owner of Local Hub Bicycle Company. “We do what we can. We can’t afford to do a lot, but we do what we can to get people into the store.”

Holt and her team are wasting no time. The Deep Ellum bike shop has been in businesses two years. Like other stores, the staff here knows consumer attitudes toward holiday shopping sure are changing.

Holt explained, ”I mean it’s hard to compete with some of these bigger companies like Best Buy and Target who are doing these massive sales.”

With the competition including online sales, Holt says small businesses must be innovative. Her team has been luring traffic through personal connections and trying to engage shoppers where they are.

”I put an event on Facebook, just for our small business Saturday,: Holt explained. “I felt like more people would see that and be more interested if we made it a more special event.”

Several stores in the Deep Ellum area are planning to attract holiday shoppers with Discover Deep Ellum’s Champagne Stroll from Noon to 3p.m. on Small Business Saturday.
Ladislas Mande just opened the high fashion boutique Blank Canvas five months ago. He’s hoping the innovative marketing event will boost traffic for him and his neighbors who offer unique and one of a kind goods.

Mande said, "90 percent of the stuff is European brand and Japanese brand. So there’s not a lot of stores that carry what we have. We’re the only store in Dallas who have the product we have in this shop.”

Small business owners say their shops make communities thrive. They are hoping consumers will consider giving them a chance this Small Business Saturday and beyond.