DALLAS — It's a war of words in Dallas and has one group asking the city to sever ties with one of its biggest churches.

"This most recent thing has crossed a bridge that should not be crossed," said Rafael McDonnell, with the Resource Center, a service organization for the Dallas-area LGBT community.

The Resource Center says it is appalled after hearing Pastor Robert Jeffress, of Dallas First Baptist, on talk radio last week.

Jeffress was on a conservative talk radio show called Washington Watch with Tony Perkins. The host was a fill-in commentator by the name of Todd Starnes. The topic of conversation was the transgender bathroom laws.
Pastor Jeffress, who has a 12,000-member congregation, stands by his words but says he's been misinterpreted by many.

"''Jeffries says LGBT businesses are worse than ISIS,' that's not what I said," said Jeffress on what some media outlets are reporting.

The pastor said that what he stated while on the radio was that businesses that threaten to boycott states because of its laws are a greater threat to religious liberty than ISIS.

"That ends up becoming a dangerous game if he wishes to silence the expression of people to state positions," McDonnell said.

The Resource Center is calling for Dallas to separate itself from a man, a church they say is using hateful rhetoric. It comes one month after the city and the church announced a collaboration to support officers with counseling and other support services.

McDonnell says it has no problem with the service that is being provided to law enforcement through the church but stresses that the city and police department should keep its distance after what was said last week.

"We believe in the free exercise of religion and to protect that is not anti-gay or homophobic," Jeffress said. "It's part of what America is about."

News 8 has reached out to the city and the mayor's office. The mayor's staff told News 8 that no statement would be provided Monday night