Rolanda Hutton will never walk again.

"I have no feeling in my feet or movement from my ankles down,” said Hutton.

She says she ended up in a wheelchair and paralyzed after a surgery for a Brazilian butt lift. "I just went in for something for a slight enhancement, nothing to alter my body too extreme,” said Hutton.

She said she went to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute for injections and was supposed to be in and out the same day.

When she woke up in recovery, she knew something was wrong. "I woke up and said I can't feel my legs and feet," she said.

The lawsuit filed by Hutton says she "was placed in a luxury post operation hotel," but should have been taken to a hospital.

"She needed to be emergency transferred to capable people at a hospital, and that wasn't done," said Hutton's attorney, Les Weisbord.

Hutton and her attorney say the doctor who performed the injections injected too much fat into her gluteal muscles that put too much pressure on her sciatic nerve.

"It's a real medical emergency, and you need a vascular surgeon, orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon to go in and take out the fat and relieve the pressure off the siatic nerve to save the function,” said Weisbord.

Rolanda Hutton says when she finally arrived at the hospital, she was in distress.

"I was in acute kidney failure, and it went downhill from there," she said. She says doctors have told her she won't walk again, and now wants to warn other women this could happen.

“I just want people to realize what they can go through. It's not easy," she said.

She is now suing the doctor and the surgery center for millions to help with her care. WFAA called Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute for comment they referred us to their attorney. WFAA contacted the attorney’s office and did not get a response.