DALLAS — Community members showed up in strong numbers Friday outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters. 

The group of about 100 people included pastors, politicians, sorority and fraternity members, community organizers and other concerned residents.

"Today, we are here to show unquestionable support for our chief, Chief Renee Hall," said Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Casey Thomas.

The crowd showed up to rally in support of Hall, who has been at the center of controversial attacks by critics in the Dallas Police Department and community.

“We're here as concerned citizens of Dallas to say enough is enough," said Rev. Dr. Michael Bowie, Jr, with the African American Pastors Coalition.

The rally came days after the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO) held a press conference criticizing the police chief’s job performance, calling for Hall to step down.

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"We feel she's in over her head," said NLLEO president George Aranda. "She wasn't ready."

The organization is blaming Hall for the dramatic spike in murders and other violent crimes over the past month. Its members also claim Hall’s organizational changes are leading to low morale and lack of confidence among rank and file employees.

"We haven't given her the ample opportunity to ensure that the job gets turned around, because she did inherit a mess, pretty much," said community organizer Shenita Cleveland.

Some of Hall’s supporters believe her critics are playing a concerning game of politics. Politics that have the potential to divide the Dallas Police Department and the community.

"I am convinced that if the police chief was of any other gender, of any other hue, we would not have this great critique of her or her work," said Rev. Dr. Michael Waters. "We are here to stand with her."

With their support, members of the group issued a call to action for the greater community to step in to help all of DPD and its chief.

"I'm here to say that Dallas can win this crime battle," said Dr. Sheron Patterson. "When we go in together we can win."

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