Angie Rodriguez couldn't save her 15-year-old daughter from their burning home. It's something she'll live with for the rest of her life.

"Life isn't the same anymore because I didn't just lose my house, I lost myself -- a little piece of me," said Rodriguez in her native language of Spanish.

Her daughter, Jacqueline Rodriguez, was home sick on January 17, almost two weeks ago.

Her mom left to get her medicine. While she was gone, something caused their Lancaster home to go up in flames. Rodriguez tried to get her daughter out -- even smashing a window as she tried to get to her.

The City of Lancaster said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. When firefighters arrived at the home of Interurban road, there were heavy flames. Two firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation after trying to pull the teenager from the burning home.

"The neighbors had to restrain her because there was just nothing she could do," said Alfonzo Solis who's mother lives across the street.

Solis has made it his mission to help the Rodriguez family that has lost a daughter and been left homeless.

"We can't turn back the clock, but anything that I can do to help them I want to," Solis said.

Here's where there two stories cross paths. Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline was an organ donor. Her family said her organs went on to help several people.

That's something Solis is very familiar with. His wife was an organ donor too.

"She fell asleep and she never woke up and that was it," he said.

When she died more than ten years ago, her organs went on to help five other people in need. All these years later, he's comforted knowing his wife death brought others life.

"Where she's been I've been, this family has lost a daughter -- I lost a wife," he said.

He's created a GoFundMe page and is asking for the communities for help as the Rodriguez family works to rebuild.

"Now she's saving people, she saved three lives -- in those people, her life continues," said Rodriguez in Spanish.

And that's something that is bittersweet, other lives will continue because her little girl lost hers.