DALLAS -- The task force charged with making recommendations about the Confederate monuments and markers issued its report to Dallas City Council Friday.

Here’s the gist of what they recommend:


Among the recommendations, the task force says the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that was removed from Lee park in September be loaned out or donated to a museum or educational site in North Texas. The task force thinks the pedestal the statue sat on should go as well.

The group that oversees the park where the statue stood has already changed the name from Lee Park to the temporary name Oak Lawn Park.


They also want any city parks in Dallas that have “placeholder names” to be named for civil rights leaders, abolitionists, or “victims of police brutality.”

As for Confederate imagery around Fair Park, the group says it should stay, but that signs and markers should be added to give the imagery broader historical context.

Another recommendation is for the park board to rename Confederate Cemetery.


After narrowing down a larger list of street names, the task force believes the city should rename Gano, Lee, Cabell, Stonewall and Beauregard.

The group wants to see a marker put up at the corner of Akard and Main in downtown Dallas “memorializing the lynching of Allen Brooks.”

And the task force wants the city to apologize for “the policies and practices of the City that have furthered institutional racism and segregation.”

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