A North Texas grandfather wants the state to take responsibility and fix what he calls the broken system that could not protect his grandson.

That all comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton balked this week at the implementation of recommendations from a federal court appointed special masters on solutions for the foster care system.

John Winkler saw the signs of abuse - bruising on a little boy's arms and deep scratches. He did the right thing. He reported the injuries on 2-year old Adrian Langlais to CPS in January 2015.

His complaint was closed a few weeks later. Langlais died from several physical abuse in March 2015.

"They blew me off and it cost Adrian his life," Winkler said.

Adrian's mother's boyfriend was arrested and charged with murder. Christian Tyrrell goes on trial for Adrian's death in January in Tarrant County.

The resulting CPS investigation found multiple missed opportunities to intervene to prevent abuse in Adrian's case but failed to do so. The caseworker was fired.

On Monday, Paxton filed the latest legal briefing in a civil action that started more than five years ago. In the response, the state objected to the recommendations that came from two court appointed special masters. Among the 56 recommendations, the two that received the most attention included hiring additional CPS investigators and giving current case workers a pay increase.

The state said the recommendations were "too vague" and "overly broad" to be implemented.

Winkler said Wednesday he is tired of reading competing court motions over a problem he says is fixable if Texas will commit the financial resources.

"We need to get somebody that will get in there and do what the federal government is suggesting and make it safer for our children here," Winkler said.