LANCASTER, Texas – If prayer changes things, then a mountain of change and help are definitely here for 82-year-old Beatrice Stevenson.

“We see she was in need,” said David Thomspon of Winstead Plumbing.

Contractors, a variety of them, and concerned community members are answering Stevenson’s prayers for help.

"We’re here to assist in whatever ways we can,” said Sherita Haggerty of Haggerty Electric.

A group of compassionate community members showed up to the widow’s damaged home in Lancaster in strong numbers. They saw Stevenson’s story this week, about how contractors allegedly left the repair job after a tornado hit the place five years ago. Mrs. Stevenson says her home has been in shambles all of this time.

"I’m just thankful,” Stevenson said as she watched over the volunteers in her home. “I am. I know God answers prayers.”

Her prayers and the community’s kindness are bringing together a group of Good Samaritans committed to providing a circle of support. Electricians are looking at the wiring. Winstead Plumbing also quickly sent a crew to assess the home after seeing Stevenson’s story.

"We’ll need to come in and do our part before, you know, sheetrock, and all of the people come in," Thompson said.

Members of groups like Oack Cliff Community Cares and Dallas NAACP are also stepping in to action. They are ready to mobilize volunteers.

Longtime community organizer Edna Pemberton told the team, "Once we have a needs list, and you tell us what we need to do, we do that well. We follow orders.”

The order of how things ended up in here is now being investigated by the local Constable.

"Community, I’m begging, we cannot go backwards. We have to move forward to help Mrs. B," a volunteer Vanessa Wyatt said.

Organizers with non-profit The American Black Cross are working with Mrs. Stevenson. They are arranging legal support and a temporary hotel stay, as crews prepare to fix up her house.

Mrs. Stevenson admits all of the unexpected support, so fast, is overwhelming. She says she is so very gracious.

“I’m so thankful,” Stevenson whispered as she fought back tears.

Organizers of the home repair efforts for Stevenson’s home say more details may be found online.