GARLAND, Texas -- A Garland woman believes her phone was stolen after she left it to be shipped from a local UPS Store. Garland Police are investigating.

The simple act of mailing something is now stressful for Cynthia Johnson. In late September, she mailed her phone to AT&T in order to get an upgrade. Johnson brought it to The UPS Store on Garland Avenue and the Bush Turnpike. She says a man behind the counter was happy to help.

"He said 'Take a picture of the label' and I'll get it sent off for you. I said 'Sure, thank you! I almost forgot to take a picture.' And I did, and I left," said Johnson.

Two weeks later, AT&T reached her, saying it was still waiting for her device.

"I was like, device? I sent that back in," said Johnson. "I was like 'Not a problem, I'll send you the tracking label.' He said 'Ma'am, this label doesn't work.'"

Johnson says an AT&T employee she spoke with tracked the phone to someone who'd bought it on Craigslist. She reported that to The UPS Store's owner who said this of the man who helped her that day.

"'Well, you know, you're not the first customer, just file the police report, and we'll get it. We'll add it to our pile of, like, seven others," she said.

The spokeswoman for The UPS Store says the employee in question only worked for store #5257 for about two months, and when the owner heard about the alleged theft, he fired that employee immediately.

The UPS Store is investigating this and other possible thefts at that location. So is the Garland Police Department. Johnson trusts them to deliver this message.

"It's not even about the money. It's just the heart of could you do that?" she said.