DALLAS— Residents in Oak Cliff were surprised to find several gaps in their pavement after a crew contracted by the City of Dallas went around parked cars during a surface treatment project.

On Tuesday, a road contractor dropped slurry seal on Brookylndell and Ivandell roads in Oak Cliff. The black mixture helps seal cracks and preserves the underlying pavement.

Some people didn’t move their cars out of the streets when crews got to work, so the contractor just went around them.

It’s not hard to figure out where gaps as big as vehicles could be seen on both streets. Residents like Lucero Martinez weren’t very happy about that.

“You can see these spots, it just looks like a really bad job,” Martinez said. “I want my street fixed.”

A spokesperson for the city told WFAA that notices were sent out asking residents to not park on the streets before they were treated.

Some residents showed WFAA one of those notices, but some said they never got one.

The contractor, Viking Construction Inc., said over the phone that it’s common practice for crews to go around cars parked in their way.

A spokesperson for the city said that Viking would return and fill in the gaps in a few days.

Viking went on to say over the phone that they return to finish jobs at no additional cost to the city.

Martinez said that’s good to hear, and just hopes everything gets smoothed out.

“If they’re going to come back, I just hope they finish this job right,” she said.