DALLAS -- ABC News has confirmed that retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown will be a contributor for the network starting Jan. 1.

James Goldston with ABC said Wednesday morning that Brown's "unique perspective" will be used to report on issues going on in the U.S. -- including gun violence, policing, social justice, race relations, and economic inequality -- as a new presidential era begins.

"Chief Brown is a 33-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, who made great strides during his tenure to improve relations between the police force and the community," Goldston said. "On a terrible night in July, five officers in his department were killed by a lone gunman during a peaceful protest against law enforcement."

Goldston added that Brown "became a vital voice to help his community heal, and his leadership and his powerful voice have resonated throughout the nation."

"His passion to fight injustice began as a teenager. Chief Brown witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of the crack cocaine epidemic in his neighborhood, dropping out his senior year of college to join the police force. He would go on to lead one of the nation’s largest police departments, after serving as a patrolman, crime scene detective, SWAT team leader and internal affairs director," Goldston said.

"He understands very well the demands of the job and the frustrations felt by minority communities across the U.S."