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Pieces of Positivity: Family paints rocks for their neighborhood during COVID-19 shelter-in-place

The Gonzalez family in Lake Highlands, Dallas painted 75 rocks with messages of hope and placed them around the neighborhood.

DALLAS — In Lake Highlands near Stultz Road and Boundbrook Avenue, rocks painted with messages are placed on street corners and driveways.

As people go outside for fresh air during the shelter-in-place, many are seeing the uplifting words. 

Credit: Lauren Gonzalez

"I don't know who has been leaving them laying around, but it has been really good to see. Really inspiring," said Matt Whitman. He and his wife are furloughed during the COVID-19 crisis. He appreciates the gesture.

The Gonzalez family is also feeling the impact of staying at home. Lauren Gonzalez is a hair stylist whose salon closed last week. She sees this as a blessing to spend more time with her husband and three young sons. 

Their nanny came up with the idea of painting rocks for the neighbors. At first, they gathered 25 rocks, painted them and displayed them on their street. Then, they got 50 more and spread it out across several blocks. 

"There is something very beautiful that can happen when we allow the joys of life and the tragedies of life to coexist together," said Lauren.

Lauren's husband, Johnny Gonzalez, said, "It's a time of unexpected beauty."

He hopes if you are feeling down, the rocks will help you see something beautiful.

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