DALLAS – There is a new focus on cleaning up some hazardous problems simmering around a near-century-old factory recently shut down in Southeast Oak Cliff.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it proposed adding Lane Plating Works, Inc. to its National Priorities List of contamination sites that need to be cleaned up.

The facility, located on the 5300 block of Bonnie View Road is now closed, due to violations, investigations and bankruptcy filing, according to the EPA.

"I got a notice in the mail,” said Will Williams. He lives nearby in the Highland Woods community. Williams said neighbors have been receiving updates about the contamination around the facility.

Other neighbors said they noticed investigators poking around Lane Planting Works months ago.

One neighbor on Cardiff Street who identified himself as “William” said, "They was testing the soil, and they had a posted guard and they had about three or four different trailers there.”

Government documents show the former electroplating factory conducted hard chromium and cadmium plating on site for 90 years. According to EPA reports, contaminants including cyanide, lead, mercury, and chromium have been found in the soils on-site.

"I think that’s dangerous,” William said.

Reports show the hazards are also present in underlying groundwater and sediments downstream from the factory, which shut down in 2016.

The EPA has been working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to mitigate the hazards at the site. Both agencies said the location will require long-term remedial clean-up.

"They need to clean that area up,” said Will Williams. “Most definite.”

Neighbors near the old Lane Plating Works site said they do not want known environmental hazards lingering around their residential areas too much longer.