DALLAS – Neighbors near the 4500 block of Elsie Faye Heggins Street remain on high alert a day after three workers were shot by a couple of masked robbers at TM Grocery Beer and Wine in East Dallas. The store's doors remain closed.

"Everybody in this community is pretty much on the edge," said Sheila Smith.

Smith works at a nearby convenience store. She knows the workers and young husband and wife who were injured during the armed robbery on Monday afternoon. Smith said the couple’s baby was also in the store when the gunmen ambushed the place.

"It's sad,” Smith said. “It's scary. In our neighborhood, it's a lot going on. I mean, you pretty much have to watch your back when you walk out the door."

The convenience store shooting is the latest violent crime rattling residents in the area, like Tenisha Smart. She manages an apartment complex across the street.

"I have had a lot of people come in the office, with concerns about what's going on and about the crime rate,” Smart explained. “So, we are looking forward to getting together to see how can we help each other in the community."

Dallas police did ramp up foot patrol in the area on Tuesday. As the investigation into the shootings continues, neighbors like Diane Ragsdale of Inner City Development Corporation are urging folks to stay focused on the positive momentum happening in that community.

"I want the neighbors to realize, as we continue to work together, to do more and more organizing around issues, and around concerns, that things will continue to get better," Ragsdale said.

However, until those gunmen are identified, some worries remain. Neighbors like Sheila Smith said they will be staying on high alert.

Dallas Police said two of the shooting victims received relatively minor injuries. The third victim, they said, remains in critical, but stable, condition.