You can't miss it and its creators say that's the point. A mural now covers the entirety of an intersection in East Dallas that neighbors say for too long has been plagued by speeding drivers.

The goal of the community based project in the Little Forest Hills neighborhood - get some of those drivers to simply notice the art work and slow down in the process.

The art mural was created Sunday at the intersection of Eustis Avenue and Ocalla Avenue by local artist Cary Okano who lives just a few blocks away.

Art mural desgined to slow drivers at Eustis & Ocalla in East Dalllas was created by a local artist and neighbors on Sunday June 11, 2017.

"It can get kind of dangerous," Okano says about the long straightaway street with no stop signs. "You see people going like 40 miles an hour through this intersection."

Patrick Blaydes is an urban planner who lives in the neighborhood just east of the Dallas Arboretum. He worked with Okano and the neighborhood association to plan the community based project.

He says most drivers likely are not aware of how fast they are going trying to cut through to busy Casa Linda Park nearby.

"If you do something to affect that mentality and causes them to think and kind of slow down – then you can affect how traffic goes through the area," Blaydes said.