DALLAS -- It was a brief appeal in a news conference yesterday: "We're hiring," said Dallas Police Chief David Brown. "Get off that protest line, and put in an application."

But already, people are taking the chief up on the offer.

In the days since the attack on officers, the Dallas Police Department's recruiting team has received a flood of calls. On their Facebook page they wrote, "Thanks for everyone's interest in wanting to apply with our department. We will respond to all calls and emails as soon as possible."

Dallas police have seen a ton of interest in joining the department since the attack on officers on July 7, 2016.

Interested applicants have sent messages on Facebook and arrived in person. Tuesday, a Marine Corps reservist who didn't want to share his full name or show his face on camera came to DPD headquarters to find out how he can apply. His first name is Josh, and he said he lives in Dallas.

"It's just something I feel strongly about today," he said. "I've always wanted to be the one to be in a position of danger so others don't have to be."

DPD has struggled with recruitment in recent months, and was forced to cancel academy classes because there weren't enough applicants. News 8 has also reported on dozens of officers who have left the department for nearby cities that offer more pay.

It won't be clear until at least August whether this new surge of interest translates into an actual increase in recruits, but there's no question that the chief's call to action has been heard.

"He said explicitly they're hiring," Josh said. "And my interest to serve brought me here after hearing that statement from the chief."