A Lake Highlands family is now reunited with their Shih Tzu after it was taken during a break-in on Christmas Eve.

The burglary happened at the home of Bonnie and Stuart Parker. Both were attending a Christmas Eve party in the neighborhood and came home to find their door kicked in.

An estimated $10,000 in property was taken. The Parkers said that TVs, a laptop, jewelry, and some presents from under the tree were stolen.

Bonnie Parker also makes homemade jewelry, and around 60-70 pieces were missing as well.

But the thieves also took something priceless, the Parker’s 8-month-old Shih Tzu Zane.

“I just want Zane back,” Stuart Parker told WFAA on Christmas Day. “I loved that dog. I really loved him.”

The Parkers put up flyers across their area, hired a private investigator, and put up a $5,000 reward to get Zane back.

Yet, the weeks went by—and no Zane. “We had gotten cynical, and a little bit hopeless,” Bonnie Parker said.

An unexpected phone call on Tuesday changed everything.

“I got a call from a lady saying she had found my dog,” Bonnie said. “She said I have two children, and I have to find someone to watch them—but I’ll go catch it.”

When Bonnie showed up, she took the dog to her veterinarian—and sure enough, a microchip scan confirmed it was Zane.

“Just to be sure, I took the dog to our vet, and it was Zane!” Bonnie said.

Stuart, a criminal defense lawyer, was in a trial at the time. When he got home, Bonnie recorded their reunion on her phone.

“Zane!” he said while wearing a suit and tie.

“As soon as I got over by the door, I could hear him bark—and his bark is pretty distinctive—and I was like ‘that’s Zane!’” Stuart said.

Zane had lost a few pounds, and needed a bath—but overall, he’s just fine. He was left in his cage before the break-in, so the Parkers think someone took Zane and then let him go once the flyers went up.

But that’s neither here nor there, they’re just glad Zane’s home.

“It was such a difficult time, but listen, miracles occur—it happened to us,” Stuart said.

The Parkers started fostering a separate Shih Tzu named Chance after Zane disappeared. Bonnie reports that both are getting along just fine.

The woman who found Zane also received the reward money.