At DFW Airport, it's out with the old and in with an updated 21st century terminal.

The airport stripped 36 gates at terminal E down to the concrete framework and rebuilt them into a more modern, efficient space.

There are new shops and more local restaurants, plus new charging stations, and touch screen directories.

Even the floor is brand new.

It's part of a $2 billion overhaul of three DFW terminals, meant to improve flow and make passengers, want to come back.

"43 years ago when this airport first opened up, what is relevant to customers back then is no longer relevant to customers today," said Khaled Naja, executive vice president of DFW Airport. "So we took it down to the structure and we rebuilt it back up to make sure our customers are the number one priority."

Terminal A renovations were finished earlier this year. Terminal B's renovations are set to be complete in about six months.