A woman has died more than a week after she was mauled by a pack of dogs in South Dallas.

The son of 52-year-old Antoinette Brown confirmed the death to News 8. Six dogs were taken into custody by Dallas Animal Services after multiple calls from neighbors regarding the violent attack on May 2.

Residents near the 3000 block of Rutledge Street called police just before 5 a.m. on May 2 saying a woman was being attacked by loose dogs. Police found a Brown with life-threatening injuries at the scene, but found no dogs, according to a Dallas PD bulletin.

A neighbor called police again the next day saying loose dogs had attacked a woman that night.

After two days of increased Animal Services patrols in the eastern Dallas neighborhood, officers on Friday identified the owner of the loose dogs and took the dogs into custody.

Dallas Animal Services and Dallas Police are working in tandem to determine if the dogs did indeed attack the woman early Monday morning.

“DAS and DPD are also working to change procedures so that once DPD is aware of a dog attack victim, there is a more immediate notification to DAS.”

News 8 spotted Dallas Animal Services going door-to-door this Mother’s Day near the area where Brown was attacked. There are also patrol signs up now where DAS is actively looking for loose dogs.

"We've got traps set up in different locations to hopefully catch true strays that are running loose but the majority of these dogs are owned and people just have to become responsible,” said Esteban Rodriguez with Dallas Animal Services.