The city of Dallas has agreed to pay up to $2.4 million to keep approximately 370 school crossing guards on the job through the end of the school year.

The Dallas City Council will vote Wednesday to approve the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the city in December against the dissolution committee now charged with operating the former Dallas County Schools.

The effort will include $759, 321 from the Dallas Police Department and a $1.6 million increase in appropriations`in reserve funds.

State Senator Royce West told WFAA on Sunday night the agreement was reached just a few days ago with the specifics on the dollar amount made available by the city of Dallas.

"Getting the parties to the table and having them come up with some understanding going forward bore fruit," West said.

Dallas city council member Philip Kingston said he was prepared to vote to approve the settlement of the lawsuit, saying the city did a good job with its' responsibility to provide some kind of funding.

“It doesn’t serve the taxpayers to have two taxing entities fighting each other,” Kingston said. "We did have to do something about it - and also – we could recognize that no one else was going to step up.”

DCS declared in late December it would end the crossing guard program on Jan 31, due to insufficient funds related to the financial insolvency of the beleaguered transportation agency.

Voters decided to shudder the agency back in November.