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Dallas police officer accused of bribery, illegal gambling

Edrick Smith is accused of making a bad gamble.

Investigators think the Dallas police senior corporal was in cahoots with the operators of Blue Dragon Event Center, an alleged illegal gambling house.

He was arrested Thursday, accused of gambling promotion, bribery and misusing official records. Smith has been released on bail.

According to court records, public integrity investigators launched the investigation last November after Sgt. Latasha Moore reported that he had seen inside the Blue Dragon.

In January, public integrity investigators had Moore call Smith. They met at a truck stop, where he was working an off-duty job. She recorded the conversation that followed.

He told her he knew that another officer had written a report about alleged gambling occurring at the Blue Dragon. He told her that the Blue Dragon was his “hangout.”

Smith asked Moore to keep an eye out for him and give him a head's up of any impending raids. He thought that since she was a supervisor, she would have knowledge of any possible warrants being executed there ahead of time.

“Be on alert for ya boy,” he told her, according to the records.

In exchange for helping him out, he offered to get her a gift card to Pappadeaux, the records state. Public integrity investigators observed his truck parked behind the Blue Dragon later that same day.

A few days later, they met again and he gave her a $100 Pappadeaux card, which investigators say constituted as a bribe.

They met again in March and he told her how police officers had been sitting up near the Blue Dragon. This time, he asked that her to text him, “Go Cowboys,” if she became aware of any impending raids.

Public integrity investigators observed him inside the Blue Dragon in early April, records state. They saw bets being placed by individuals while there.

A review of records found that Smith had repeatedly checked the computer system for records related to Blue Dragon. He reviewed one report 14 times, the records state.

A search warrant for Smith's phone revealed "phone calls and texts between him" and the individual who police say was running the illegal gambling operations at the Blue Dragon.

Investigators also found that Smith had been checking another address on Holmes Street, where there had been repeated reports of illegal gambling. The person who was operating that illegal gambling facility was listed as living at the same address as the person alleged to be running the illegal gambling activity at the Blue Dragon.

In October, the vice unit ran a search warrant on the Blue Dragon, the records state.

Police Chief U. Renee Hall disbanded the unit the following month amid questions involve undercover gambling operations and sloppy documentation of the money used in those operations.

The status of the investigation of alleged gambling activities at the Blue Dragon is unknown.

A man who identified himself as the manager of Blue Dragon said he rents out the facility and has no knowledge of anything illegal going on there.

“I'm running a good, clean establishment,” he said. “If somebody's up there's doing something they aren't supposed to be doing, they're going to have to stop.”

He declined to give his name.

The records reveal another cop may in trouble, too. That officer, a member of the SWAT team, was captured on in-car video talking with Smith about placing bets on games earlier this month, according to court records.

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