The Dallas Police Department has launched an investigation to determine why police officers were not immediately sent to a hotel last Friday after a child had been shot.

The first DPD learned something had happened was when the Medical Examiner’s office called them from the hospital.

Source say the 4-year-old was shot in the head at hotel in Oak Cliff.

"I seen the baby like he was laying down with a whole bunch of blood from his head,” said Regina Robinson a guest at the hotel.

Four people called 911 saying they needed an ambulance.

Sources say the mother told the operator her child had been shot.

But they said she was hysterical and hard to understand.

The 911 operator did not hear her clearly so they thought the child had only been injured.

Instead of asking more questions, the operator simply routed the call to the Dallas Fire Department and when that happens only paramedics respond, no police.

"You hear about a baby lying on the ground with a lot of blood you need to rush anyway,” said Robinson.

When firefighters arrived, they realized the case was more serious so they called their dispatch center and asked that officers be sent immediately.

Sources say fire dispatchers never told police about the call.

"I did not see police officers at all,” said Jonathan Ingram a guest at the hotel.

One eye witness who asked we not identify her said she heard the gunshot and wondered why there were no officers at the scene.

"It was very shocking and not only that it was very shocking not to come door to door and ask questions of no one."

The little boy was taken to Charlton Methodist hospital and was pronounced dead.

When the Medical Examiners Office arrived they are the ones who finally notified police of the child’s death and that was after midnight.

Dallas police believe the child's 13-year-old brother may have accidentally shot him but sources say evidence was moved and police did not immediately confiscate the weapon putting the case in jeopardy even if there was a crime.

So now Dallas police s investigating what went wrong.