Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has come to Dallas and made a splash.

As the first female chief, she's caused a lot of buzz and spent a lot of time engaging the community.

"I am giving her an A really, an A plus, for coming in and taking charge," Dwaine Carraway said.

In her first 100 days, Hall shook up the department and re-organized it, demoting several high-ranking officers. She says it's to make the department more efficient and build her team.

She brought in a former sergeant from Detroit, Thomas Taylor, made him chief of staff, and is paying him the salary of an assistant chief.

Among the demotions were two of the finalists for the chief's job, Gary Tittle and Malik Aziz.

"I can tell you she did a disservice to the city and department by demoting those two men. Both of them were finalists for the job she ultimately was selected for -- that tells you what their qualifications were,” former Dallas Assistant Chief Randy Blankenbaker said.

She demoted Katrina Shead, the only black female chief, leaving only one woman in the entire upper command staff.

"We have really gone backwards in that regard,” Blankenbaker said.

“She is doing what she has the authority to do. She is not a chief from here and has the right to put folks around here," Caraway said.

Multiple sources say Chief Hall has an abrasive personality and can at times be condescending, especially to her command staff.

She upset Latino community leaders at a meeting when they asked if she would consider a Latino as her second in command.

“She says 'I'm not going to be bullied into hiring a Latino.' She said [it] with an attitude and I thought to myself 'I'm the one being bullied,'” said community activist Hilda Duarte.

"Rather dismissive of a lot of people, and we got the impression she did not want to be told anything,” said Rene Martinez with LULAC.

And then there's the issue of her certification. She has yet to take the test to be a Texas peace officer. She cannot be sworn in or wear the DPD uniform until she does that.

Chief Hall has promised she will move the Dallas Police Department forward and will focus on community-based policing.

There are many, even her critics, who are watching and hoping Chief Hall succeeds. The citizens of Dallas are counting on it.