DALLAS -- The Dallas ISD board of trustees rejected a proposal Thursday that would have placed a tax increase for additional pre-K, collegiate academies, and teacher pay before voters in November.

The resolution for a 13-cent tax hike failed with five 'yes' votes and four 'no' votes.

Trustees Miguel Solis, Erwin Flores, Dustin Marshall, Dan Micche, and Jaime Resendez voted in support of the Tax Ratification Election (TRE).

Trustees Bernadette Nutall, Joyce Foreman, Audrey Pinkerton, and Lew Blackburn opposed.

A super-majority of six 'yes' votes is required to pass a resolution asking taxpayers to ratify an increased tax rate.

Board president Lew Blackburn, who told News 8 earlier this month he believed the necessary votes would be in place to pass the resolution, was the swing vote against the proposal.

After the vote, he told WFAA-TV he wants to have a proposal before voters next May.

"While I think we need more funds to do more for our students. I think we need to spend a little more time making sure that we are doing it the right way and the right areas," Blackburn said. "I fully support the initiatives that were presented, along with others that were not, such as school maintenance and public choice schools."

It's a major setback for Superintendent Michael Hinojosa and his administration, which was pushing for increased resources for programs the district believes will increase enrollment and improve student outcomes.

Solis told News 8 the vote Thursday was "extremely unfortunate."

"Voters deserved a chance to help our students," Solis said. "Now we must go back to the drawing board to identify ways to find over $100 million to expand programs that are directly benefiting students in unprecedented ways."

DISD will expand the number of collegiate academies to 10 when school starts on Monday. The tax hike would have allowed the program to expand to all 18 district high schools.

As constituted, seniors graduate with 60 college credit hours, the equivalent of an associate's degree. The program partners with the Dallas County Community College District.