Three former City of Dallas supervisors say they were forced to work overtime and not paid properly, now they're suing the city.

"They didn't want to hear it and it was basically go back to work and work as you are told to work,” said Barry Boyd, a former employee.

They worked for code enforcement. Their complaint is that they were often asked to work a six- day week.

Federal law requires the city pay overtime, but the City of Dallas scheduled them a day off instead.

"We asked could we receive overtime compensation they said no. We asked OK since you are not going to pay us could we take the day off at our discretion they said no,” said former employee Joseph Scott.

The former supervisors say they were also issued city phones and laptops then required to work during their lunch hours which is also a violation of federal law.

"People don't work and not get paid in this country.” Said attorney James Vagnini.

The employees say when they complained to supervisors they were ignored. They say it went on for more than 6 years.

"A superior actually told me to shut up and I did what I was told,” said Scott.

They filed grievances and asked the city council to launch an investigation into what was happening but again they say they were ignored.

Shortly after that they say were laid off and other supervisors who complained were demoted in a re-organization.

"I feel like for lack of a better term, retaliation,” said Scott.

Attorneys say their might be hundreds of other employees who were cheated out of money and could eventually join the lawsuit. If they prevail the city could end up owing millions of dollars.

The City of Dallas does not comment on pending litigation.