A plan the city of Dallas had to issue citations for low level marijuana possession will have to wait a few more months.

Dallas Police told WFAA on Tuesday the program now has a tentative start date of December 1.

The Dallas City Council passed cite and release back in April for misdemeanor pot possession under four ounces, which would allow people caught with that amount to bypass being arrested and jailed, and instead receive a citation to appear in court at a later date.

The program was supposed to start October 1, but was delayed after Dallas County commissioners voiced concern over how the pilot program would be enforced.

There are 26 municipalities in Dallas County, but the cite and release program only applies to Dallas.

The county is responsible for implementing the program because it operates the Lew Sterrett jail and handles the court system for adjudication of the cases.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price said Tuesday that will lead to different enforcement for residents in Dallas County based on where they live.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson told commissioners she would enforce whatever ordinance is passed but she wouldn't create a countywide program, similar to Bexar and Harris County.

"I'm not here to legislate," Johsnon said. "If you all don’t think cite and release is something that ought to happen because you don’t think it’s not fair for everybody – since it’s not in Desoto and not in Duncanville – then vote it down.”

Commissioners are expected to vote on implementation on October 17.