Kent Smith never wanted this kind of national attention on his neighborhood bar. He's been the owner of One Nostalgia Place Tavern for more than three years. He says he takes pride in the kinds of people who come to the bar.

"It's just a neighborhood little fun spot," he said.

It was a group of unfamiliar visitors awhile ago that is talked around the watering hole. A video has surfaced dating back to April of 2016 that shows former Brietbart writer and outspoken commentator Milo Yiannopoulos singing karaoke while some people in the crowd gave Nazi salutes. Alt-right activist Richard Spencer was also at the bar and appears to be giving the Nazi salute.

"They just showed up here randomly one night and pulled a stunt," said Smith. He remembers that Saturday night well. He says a group of 20 men came into the bar and had no issues until they requested a final karaoke song 10 minutes before closing.

"They wanted to pay the karaoke people $25 basically to sing one song," said Smith.

The song was "America The Beautiful." Smith did not recognize either of them with the group. He says if he had, they would have been kicked out immediately. One thing he did know was what a Nazi salute looked like.

"Very doubt what they were doing," he said.

Kent says toward the end of the song, there were several Nazi salutes. He says he moved in quickly.

"When we started running them out, they started chanting 'Trump!' loudly," he said. "We actually had to push some of them out the door."

The owner had help from employees and customers to get the group out. The video that is now national clearly shows Kent's neighborhood bar. He says it is why he felt compelled to talk.

"I just don't want the people of Dallas to think we have anything to do with racism or Neo-Nazism," Smith said.

WFAA reached out to Yiannopoulos and did not hear back. On his Facebook page, he responded to the video writing, "I didn’t see the hand gestures in that bar at the time." Later in the Facebook post, Yiannopoulos calls the video a "setup."

The owner does not regret kicking the group out. "They'd never get back in. There's no way," Smith said.