At the intersection of West Seventh, Kings Highway, and North Tyler Streets in Oak cliff, things can get a little tricky.

It’s where the streets meet with little warning. Frustration mounting, a group of activists from the Underground group Transformation Department stepped in painting their own road markers on Monday.

One member who did not want to reveal his identity said the intersection is dangerous.

“It took us about 15 minutes to kind of make this design, and people used it immediately,” he said. “It immediately became a more successful and safer street.”

Then, a day after the road markers went up, they were gone, covered up with black paint by city workers.

“I think that’s what we’re most confused about and most discouraged about is, so, they saw this intersection and they’ve still done nothing about it,” the painter said.

In a statement, Richard Hill, a spokesman for the City of Dallas, said the city is aware of the intersection and planning improvements soon. Hill also said in part: “Only city staff should implement improvements or paint traffic signage to avoid confusing drivers and pedestrians.”

Ryan Behring, who lives nearby, said there’s a wreck at the intersection at least once a week.

“You just here the pop. It’s a loud crash and of course, you get the sirens,” Behring said. “You know what it is immediately.”

Chaska Norwood owns Gypsy House, a women’s clothing and accessories store with a front row seat to the chaos on the corner.

“Something’s got to change. This intersection is horrible,” she said. “It’s very unclear which way you’re supposed to be going and from there, so kudos to them for painting it, I wish they’d come back out and paint it again.”