GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- Her name, her face, and her laugh have dominated television and social media.

Candace Payne says she is living her dream. It started after she took a video of her reaction to putting on a Star Wars Chewbacca mask she purchased from a Kohl's.

Her laugh was infectious, and it had the world laughing with her.

"They want that story of an average person feeling like you've been given the world, and that's what I feel like," Payne told us. "I feel like I've been given the world, and the sky is the limit."


What started as a simple video about the simple joys in life turned into a three-day, three-city tour of fame.

Payne's week would start in New York City on "Good Morning America." She would later head to Los Angeles for late night shows and to San Francisco to visit the Facebook headquarters.

Candace Payne appears on "Inside Edition"
Candace Payne appears on "Inside Edition"

Facebook rewarded her with an award for being the most-watched live video ever on the social media site. They also brought in a life-size Chewbacca to meet her.

Also on her trip to California, Payne would meet up with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams and take a private tour of Lucasfilm Studios.

"It was everything 'geek' in me lighting up," Payne said. "I absolutely loved that experience."

Candace Payne with director J.J. Abrams.
Candace Payne with director J.J. Abrams.

By late Tuesday night, the Grand Prairie stay-at-home mom was finally home.

"You know when you sleep on a pillow that's not your pillow, how that feels?" she laughed. "So, I want my pillow."

In North Texas, Payne has had several speaking engagements at churches. She has been very open about her faith. She says that this moment of fame has given her a real opportunity to share "God's love" on a big stage.

Candace Payne and Chewbacca at Facebook headquarters
Candace Payne and Chewbacca at Facebook headquarters

Payne tells News 8 her faith has guided her through the excitement.

For the next few days, Payne says she just wants to focus on her family and her children. She has been away from them for more than a few days.

But Payne also said that several sources have come to her with opportunities to capitalize on her viral fame with ads and more.

"When people have ideas, you just gotta field those and think, 'What's really true to who I am?'" she said.

Of the pitches she's heard, she can't speak publicly about many. But one option she could talk about was becoming a product reviewer for moms.

Candace Payne says her 15 seconds of fame is not up, and until it is, she will use it for good -- and maybe even a laugh.