Will Bakke knew something wasn't right when he walked to his car Friday morning.

"All my stuff had been moved around and I lost my bag, my laptop and these hard drives," Bakke said.

The Austin-based filmmaker says those two external hard drives contained all the footage for a documentary project nearly a year in the making.

He filed a report with the Dallas Police Department after his car was broken into in the 4000 block of Park Lane in Northwest Dallas early on the morning of February 2.

Now he's offering a $5000 reward for the return of the hard drives and in it, the contents of the film "Kyle Goes to Prom."

The story is about Kyle Cox and his buddies on a road trip throughout Texas and the U.S. Southwest.

Cox is a Texas A&M senior who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The genetic disorder affects mostly boys, with symptoms starting as young as age 3. Most do not survive much past early adulthood, so Cox was eager to take a trip with his friends and classmates in May 2017.

"To be able to go on a road trip with some of my best friends, it’s almost indescribable,” Cox said.

Cox is 22, a political science major who is ready to graduate in May 2018.

"Really just the story instilled a sense of hope within the Duchenne community," he told WFAA via Skype on Tuesday.

Now Bakke doesn't want that hope extinguished.

He posted a short video on Facebook and Vimeo that describes the theft and then shares with the public about a little more than 3 minutes of trailer footage from the documentary project.

Support "Kyle Goes To Prom" from Riot Studios on Vimeo.

"Those hard drives, they’re not worth much to him (person who stole them) but to us they mean everything,” Bakke said.

Bakke says a neighbor's surveillance camera captured an individual trying to break into another car on the same block on the same evening, but no video or photos exist of his car being broken into.

Dallas Police told WFAA late Thursday the department is working to obtain surveillance video that could help identify a suspect.