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Tenants at Oak Cliff apartments where explosion happened return to find homes burglarized

Tenants at Highland Hills Apartments told Dallas police their homes were ransacked. TVs, electronics, guns, jewelry and other valuables were reported stolen.

DALLAS — Tenants who live in a southern Dallas apartment complex where an explosion happened last month are facing more problems.

Some of the neighbors at the Highland Hills Apartments in Oak Cliff complained Wednesday their homes were burglarized and ransacked.

“We got a call from the hotel that we need to come and check on our apartments,” explained Roshunda Tilly.

It was a hectic day for some of the tenants.  A large number of neighbors called police. They reported returning to the complex to find their apartments burglarized.

“They kicked my door in," Tilly exclaimed. "Everything is gone.” 

Tilly said someone set fire to her front door, before kicking it in. A window was also kicked in. The place was in shambles, and she said valuables were stolen.

”All of my TVs, my kids’ games, game controllers, and all of that. It’s all gone,” Tilly listed.

Kayla Aguilar and her husband also called the police on Wednesday morning. They said an intruder was in their home when they arrived.

”We walk in, and there’s someone coming out of my husband’s office. He sees us, and immediately - deer in the headlights," Aguilar described. "'He says, 'I didn’t do anything.' He’s wearing my watch, saying he didn’t take anything."

The couple managed to fight and restrain the unidentified man until police arrived. They still lost three TV sets, a gun safe with firearms, and other valuables.

Police confirmed to WFAA they are taking similar burglary reports across the complex. They reported one person was in custody, but that person has not been identified.

Deondrea Walker also had office equipment and other valuables taken from her place.

“One of my TVs is gone. The other one was outside," she said.

Tenants said they were told by complex management there would be security on-site. But, neighbors said the only security they’ve seen in the area is at a sister complex across the street.

“We don’t have anything! They are not watching our stuff!" Doris Williams cried out in frustration. "We got all these kids! My grandkids! What are we supposed to do? They are really stressing us out."

The City of Dallas has been helping residents from Highland Hills Apartments with hotel stays, after reports of gas leaks and an explosion at the complex on Sept. 29. 

Atmos and other crews have continued inspections and repairs. 

Workers in the leasing office told WFAA the company has no comment at this time. But neighbors also complained that they, too, aren't getting many updates from the leasing since the explosion.

As the investigation into the burglaries continues, neighbors are speaking out.

“Y’all are low! We’re already struggling and you’re going to rob the poor. It’s crazy,” Walker said.