Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers injured in the deadly July 7 ambush on Dallas law enforcement were forced to take a 30 percent pay cut while on leave, DART confirmed to News 8 Friday.

Three DART officers -- Misty McBride, Jesus Retana and Elmar Cannon -- were hurt in the attack after a protest in the streets of downtown earlier this month. Four Dallas Police officers and one DART officer were killed.

According to a report by the Dallas Voice, the injured DART officers are being paid through worker’s compensation while they recover. According to the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act, it’s standard procedure for an injured employee to be paid 70 percent of their salary while on leave.

Dallas Police are covered by civil service and are receiving full pay, the Dallas Voice wrote.

Jesus “Jesse” Retana’s husband set up a GoFundMe page for donations to help with Retana’s medical bills. Retana was scheduled to have surgery to remove bullet fragments from his left arm Friday.

“Unlike Dallas Police Department Officers who receive 100% of their pay while unable to work, DART Police Officers are NOT covered by Civil Service and as of today, DART has not made policy adjustments to eliminate this extreme hardship for good,” Andrew Moss wrote on the page.

The GoFundMe page states that the funds would also help other injured DART officers, some of whom have kids.

McBride was the last of the three officers to be released from the hospital in the days following the attack. Cannon has reportedly already returned to work.

News 8 has scheduled an interview with DART spokesman Morgan Lyons.