DALLAS — Quick-thinking city of Dallas employees spent Friday working to save the public tribute to the fallen officers.

It came after a hard summer rain threatened to destroy some of the more delicate tributes left by the public outside the Dallas Police Department's headquarters.

"I was just listening to the news and I heard thunderstorms and I was just like, 'Ahh! Paper and water don't mix,'" said Jo Giudice, the director at the Dallas Public Libraries.

Giudice and her staff scrambled to the police headquarters early Friday morning.

"Historically, that's what we do," she said. "We archive the history for the city and we knew we would do this but today we ended up doing it a little faster than we thought."

Images show them alongside officers and volunteers scrambling to save everything they could.

They filled the basement of the Dallas Public Library with boxes and boxes. Staff will now spend days drying, sorting, and eventually archiving the gifts from the community.

"I didn't need to tell [the library staff] to handle everything with respect," Giudance said. "They do that. It's hard. It really brings it home to see all the items that people chose to bring down."

From stuffed animals to a pair of military boots with a fallen officers name on the side, the gifts have come from across the nation.

Among all the gifts they're working to save, one stood out to Guidice. It was little toy she carried around with her all day.

"It's not perfect," she said. "It's just well loved, a little truck."