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COVID-19 keeping you home for Cowboys games? You can have food from the stadium delivered to your door

If you order three days out before games, food from the stadium can be delivered to your home the day before kickoff.

ARLINGTON, Texas ā€” Pandemic or not, AT&T Stadium is about to come alive again. But if you're a fan that's going to avoid games due to COVID-19, the Dallas Cowboys have a novel way to make you feel like you're front row, center.  

This week, the team launched AT&T Stadium At Home, an option where if fans order stadium food three days before the game -- it will get delivered to your front door the day before kickoff. 

You can also arrange to pick it up. 

The organization said it was a way to keep the fan experience alive during the pandemic. 

However, the deals are done in bulk catering, so make sure there are a lot of mouths to feed before you order. 

Depending on your party size, smaller options like the 'Cowboys Cheesesteak' will cost anywhere from $75 to $150. 

It feeds at least four and the price increases as you go up in serving size. It can feed at most 10. 

The same goes for fan favorites like the Cheetos Mac ā€˜nā€™ Cheese Balls, the Ultimate Nachos, and the Cowboys Hand Pies

You can also get a quart of Cowboyritas, which is the official margarita for the Cowboys, for $45. 

Things get a little pricier with larger packages like the Texas Barbecue Tailgate Package. It starts at $300 for serving 4-6 and goes up to $1,000 for 20 folks. 

The grand tamale of them all is the 'Sunday Fun Day Game Day!' tailgate package. 

Massive amounts of food y'all. 

It's $1,200 for 20 people, but here's everything you get with it pictured below. 

Credit: WFAA
A listing of what comes with the Sunday Fun Day Game Day package.

A spokesperson for the Cowboys told WFAA that it's no longer taking orders for the Rams game, but is taking orders for the Cardinals game next week.