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Could sit-down scooters become the newest rental ride in Dallas?

Ojo Electric said it's "working through the permitting process" with the City of Dallas.
Credit: Ojo (screenshot)
A screenshot from the Ojo website. The sit-down scooter company is "in talks" with Dallas city officials.

First, it was the rental bikes – thousands of them, many of them bright lime green and yellow, canvassing the sidewalks of Dallas.

Then came the electric scooters. 

Now, for something slightly different.

Ojo, an electric sit-down rental scooter company, confirmed via a company spokesperson on Wednesday that it's "working through the permitting process" with Dallas city officials. Earlier this week, the company announced it was launching its first-ever rideshare service in Austin.

Ojo scooters, which look somewhat like a smaller version of a moped, have a range of 50 miles and top out at 20 mph, according to a press release from the company. They also feature built-in Bluetooth speakers.

It was unclear Wednesday how far along the company was in its talks with Dallas, and there wasn't yet timeline on when we might see the scooters zipping across town. 

One thing, though, has become clear over the last year: Rental-ride companies sure have an interest in Dallas.

At one point early last year, more than 20,000 rental bikes were spread throughout the city. Companies such as Lime, Spin, V-Bike, Ofo and others inundated streets and sidewalks with the bikes, which user rented through an application on their phone.

Then, almost as soon as they arrived, the bikes began disappearing, giving way to rental scooters Lime and Bird, which top out around 15 mph.

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