MORAN, Texas—In a rural town of only some 270 folks, it’s suddenly the presence of one big manufacturer that is bringing a lot of attention.

Slide Fire Solutions, which opened in 2010, is a large producer of the "bump stock,” a device that has come under increasing scrutiny since the Las Vegas massacre because it drastically increases the rate at which a semi-automatic gun can fire.

A message that suddenly appeared on the company’s website this week said it’s no longer taking new orders so that it can focus on those “already placed.”

The site also said it developed its best-selling product to “…improve the sporting industry. Our patented Slide Stock® design has completely revolutionized how we can enjoy our sport, and it was all created from a simple thought.”

Outside of the metal warehouse about two miles from downtown, an employee told WFAA that founder Jeremiah Cottle, who holds a number of patents related to gun devices like bump stocks, was out of town.

He said Cottle would return inquires soon.

A 2011 profile written by the local Albany News focused on the company’s positive impact on the community, saying they provided housing for local employees while helping save the local post office because of a big increase in Slide Fire product shipments.

The company’s Facebook page has seen a big uptick in comments since the Sunday night shooting in Vegas, where authorities say the suspect used a number of bump stocks on semi-automatic weapons to drastically increase how rapidly he could fire.

It isn’t known where the bump stocks used in the Las Vegas killings were purchased.

Lawmakers, including some Republicans, are increasing calls for regulating the devices, or outlawing them altogether.

Even the National Rifle Association said Thursday the government should review bump stocks.